Preparing for my undefined trip
I'm in Vancouver, Canada right now with a one-way plane ticket to London in June 4th. I have one month to prepare everything to leave then. I'm separating my stuff in three categories: I'm taking, I'm leaving, I'm getting rid of; the biggest one being the latest. When I moved to Canada I brought with me a lot of shit I shouldn't had, like my old videogames and books I haven't even touched. So now it's making things harder for me because I don't have a home here where I can leave things. I'm getting rid of lots and lots of clothes, I have enough that I haven't had to do laundry in a month, that's too much and funny thing is I don't even buy clothes, there's lots that I've been wearing since highschool (+5 years ago).

My route is undefined, so far the only thing I know is that I want to end up in Malta so my plan is to stay in UK for about a month so I can catch up with what I owe to a friend and my mom and then travel through France, Switzerland, and Italy until I get to Malta eventually, hopefully by October since I would like to live there for a little while before visiting my family, friends, and food in Mexico in December. But I would like to add Amsterdam to the trip, I will decide that once I'm in UK and see prices and talk to people.

So, back to the packing. As you can see, I'll be all over the place, nothing secured, always having to be worrying about my stuff, and on the constant move, so I have to travel light, very light. This is a bit hard because I'm a bit of a hoarder, I try to keep it under control but I just keep gathering stuff some times and have to force myself to let go. I'm not ready to let go of my PS2 and N64 so that I'm keeping with my bike because it's not a cheap bike and I really like it. Winter clothes I'm keeping here fit in Everything else that I'm keeping fits in a tote bag (a free one I got from DoorDash, they never paid me for the 3 deliveries I did btw) and I'm going to see if I can leave all this with a local friend that has more of a permanent residence or I don't know yet, gonna see what happens. I have two suitcases with me, a gigantic one that my mom bought for me last time she visited and a carry on. I don't think it's a good idea to bring the gigantic one with me, it'll only encourage me to hoard more and it'll be a pain to be carrying around, I fit inside it with extra space. So the plan is to fit all my electronics (laptop, PSVita, and 3DS) in my backpack that I always care for with my life since I'm loyally screwed if anything happens to my laptop, bulky winter clothing in the blue bag, and in the carry on I'll take enough clothes for a week and a half, my swimming suit, a towel, drawing stuff, basic medicine (for flu, headaches, stuff like that), couple of books (that I'm having second thoughts of), Mexican candy, deck of cards, and hygene stuff. I don't know yet if I will in fact be able to fit all in there since I still need to decide what clothes I'm taking, but I will definitely try. 

P.S. the green thing is a parka I was thinking of packing but I'm thinking it's not worth it since I haven't needed it in Vancouver for a couple of months now so probably won't need it there either, where I'm gonna go seems to share the overall weather.