Preparing the Illustration of the Month!
Dear Patrons,  I am preparing the illustration that you will receive this month 

A dangerous group of bounty hunters, deserters of the imperial army.

They call themselves:  The renegade troopers.

With this post, I just wanted to introduce you to the team.

Edena Solarburn: The Captain and the brain of the team. An extremely badass girl. 

"Tank":  The weapons specialist, nobody knows his real name, but someone say he is an old clone of Vader's 501 Legion.

Hadeus Helytac: A strange soldier sensitive to the Force. Lethal in close combat . He does not follow the Jedi or Sith philosophy, he is... different.

Balad Narutek: He is always joking except when his eye is on the target. He is the sniper of the group. 

MA-S2: The muscle and the hacker of the team. MA-S2 was an ancient monitoring robot of the Kessel mines. 

I hope you like the team, soon the first sketch! 

Keep tuned!