Prepping for Pirates!
After a major mix-up, we finally got our pirate rings in! So excited for kids to earn these in our after school program at Carden Country School! Over the 4 week Piratical Adventure Course they will get to pour density columns, create treasure recovery subs, and engineer pirate ships! 

This is our first run at an afterschool program, and if all goes well the teachers themselves can teach the curriculum on their own!!

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You're supporting me and this hopeful idea of making science cool, and that is huuuuge. Thank you! You will get all of my patron-only emails and access to the patron-only feed, where your voice can be heard!
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THANK YOU! We are working hard to change the state of STEM in our schools and at home, and you are helping us do just that.

You will get access to our patron-only feeds, be emailed our videos AND...drumroll please....get PDF downloads of our finished labs every month! That's right, you will have the ability to print the labs we create, find our well researched sourcing for supplies, roll up your sleeves, get down and dirty. You will enjoy the ride with us full force.

What sorts of labs will you experience? Edible optics and the asteroid of doom, acids and bases with the color changing smoothie, particle physics with marble accelerators, gas laws with fizzy ice cream, astronomy with telescopes and much more!
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Thank you! Worried that you won't be able to pull off our labs all on your own? Or maybe you just want to have an expert whispering lots of cool facts in your ear so your kids will think you are the best scientist ever. At this level you get to ask me all your burning lab related questions!
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Let's be a team!! This class pack is the perfect way to support our awesome kids science project and bring it to all the kids you teach in your school or co-op! You will be totally prepared to spread our STEM mysteries with our lesson plans, videos, lab books, sourcing guides and more!
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Why hello there, angel investor! You. Are. Fabulous. You are making this dream of spreading a science glitter bomb across the country, and maybe even the world a reality. You will get the emails, videos and labs, because that is where the fun is. But you will also get a hand drawn thank you note of original artwork that relates to each lab. Maybe someday it will be worth millions, but more likely it will just be a cool piece of work you can frame, hang up on your fridge or just laugh at.
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Wow. Just give me a minute to pick up my jaw. I mean, just, wow. You will get all the fabulous fun above, the emails, the videos, the labs, the hand drawn thank you notes, plus you will become a character in the Rosie Research mysteries. Join Rosie and Watsie on their fun adventures, from time travel to Mars.

We will talk, find out if you want to be the evil scientist, the shy braniac, the technical systems manager...and we will write you into our mysteries!

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