The President Donald Trump Coloring Book
With the holidays (i.e. Christmas, as we say here in the Trump Republic) just around the corner, time's running out to get all the #MAGA-loving members of your family a gift they can truly cherish. After all, they're probably stocked up on apparel from Dear Leader's web-grift. Have no fear! I have a truly unique gift idea for the Trump lover in your life, and the best part is that it's 100% free.

I speak, of course, of the President Donald Trump Coloring Book.

With 16 images highlighting the president's first year in office, your friends and loved ones will have literally minutes of fun shading the pictures (just be sure to bring some extra orange crayons! Get it? Because he's orange! This is a very unique joke I've never heard before). Pictures like...

1. "Fire and fury" Trump

2. Yelling at the 10-year-old child cutting the White House lawn Trump.

3. Standing next to a pile of brand new (empty) file folders at a press conference Trump.

4. Touching the orb Trump.

5. "I <3 Trucks" Trump

6. Pardoning the turkey and not screwing it up Trump.

7. Dismal Inauguration crowd Trump.

8. Hurricane helper Trump.

9. Working hard on the weekend Trump.

10. Totally normal guy drinking from a water bottle Trump.

11. Awkward Pope photo Trump.

12. Bizarre handshake Trump.

13. Bowing to a foreign leader Trump (something he was very upset that Obama did).

14. Donny drive the big boy truck Trump.

15. Giving state secrets to the Russians Trump.

16. Premature celebration Trump.

Just print 'em out, give 'em to yr friends, and you're on your way to Making Christmas Great Again!

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