President of the Locker Room
Hi Cartoon Pals & Lovely Patrons,

Did I tell you it would just keep getting weirder?  (Not that hard of a prediction to make this election season.)  In case you missed the behind-the-scenes look at how I created this cartoon, you can see that here-- yes, Animating With My Face!  Still a month of mayhem to go before the election... in the meantime, the Trump Black Hole will continue to swallow up all other stories (including any Hillary Clinton stories that may be worth a look).  Hmmm, that may be next week's animation. 

Well, he just keeps getting creepier and creepier.  Now that Donald Trump’s sexual assault history was made public with the Billy Bush tape, accounts of Trumpian assault are coming fast and furious.  The Republican leadership that has supported him, of course, are shocked, SHOCKED at the behavior of their presidential nominee.

For some reason, calling Mexicans rapists, mocking disabled people and wanting to ban Muslims was not enough for the GOP politicos to dump Trump.  (And apparently, even a recording where Trump describes gleefully describes sexually assaulting women is also not enough.)  Anybody but Hillary, you know.

Even though I’m happy to see Trump tumbling, I’m disappointed it didn’t start sooner with his actual policy pronouncements (or what passes for Trump policy pronouncements).  It looks like good ol’ fashioned lying and philandering (and criminal sexual assault) may be the beginning of the end for The Donald.  Stay tuned, as always, and thanks so much for spreading the word and for your support!