Press-Ready Day 1 - Why You Should Become a Publisher
Welcome to Press-Ready! Every day this month, we're going to chat about what it takes to publish your own books. Some of this content will be free to the public, some will be for patrons only. At the end of the month, the content will be bundled up into a downloadable ebook, and then vanish.

Ready to start?

First things first: What are the advantages in publishing your own book as opposed to having someone else do it for you?

· You get to make your book exactly how you want it to be

· You can totally control the content you publish, so you’re never associated with another book that doesn’t align with your principles

· You can print in small runs so you can test products out

· You get a higher percentage of the profit

· The term “self-publishing” has the connotation of an unprofessional product, produced by an inexperienced author, so becoming an official publisher is much more respectable (though I still surprise people with the quality of my products) 

· You quickly become very knowledgeable about book crafting and production, aiding you in being more effective with your work

· Your fan community is way more connected because they started small and close-knit at the beginning and they typically grow more organically.

· You don't have to wait for a publisher to pick you out of the sea of submissions

· Coming to a publisher, grant application, loan application, etc. with proof that you can and will finish books that look professional all on your own, looks really good.

· It’s a fun challenge! 

Publishing your own book is really fun and I have personally learned a lot from doing so. There are many pitfalls though.

Tomorrow's topic: Reasons why you shouldn't publish your own books

Until then, are there any topics you'd like to cover? Questions about publishing you want answered? Let me know in the comments!