Press-Ready Day 2 - Reasons Not to Publish Your Own Books
Every day this month, we're going to chat about what it takes to publish your own books. Some of this content will be free to the public, some will be for patrons only. At the end of the month, the content will be bundled up into a downloadable ebook, and then vanish.

Let's get going with Day 2 

Publishing requires you to know, execute and manage a variety of different things. It's difficult work. Here's a few reasons why publishing may present a challenge:  

· You may want all the bells and whistles on your book, but you may not have the funds to use a printer that can make it possible

· Even a small print run can be expensive. There’s a lot of cash up front, especially with offset printing

· You may get a higher percentage of the profit but… there has to be a profit! You have to figure out how to get your stuff out there and sold

· No marketing from a big publisher – though I hear that smaller works don’t usually get that much attention from a publisher anyway. So you’re going to have to find your own marketing groove either way

· Your book is widely distributed without you having to ship/travel to deliver it yourself

· You have to store your books, which is fine until you order more than 100 of more than two or so titles… then it starts to become a space hog

I can tell you that a good amount of these factors are fixed with crowdfunding. Marketing is its own beast as well as distribution. We’ll talk about those later on.

Tomorrow's topic: Branding your publishing house

Until then, are there any topics you'd like to cover? Questions about publishing you want answered? Let me know in the comments!