Press-Ready Day 6 - The spreadsheet method of comic writing


First, here's a video clip from a pre-press talk that I gave last year (I believe $5 patrons have already received the full video). I talk about a very effective method for getting a clean outline ready for polishing and dialogue.

Next a pre-recorded live video of me demoing this method, taking a story from literally no idea aside from what aspect of the world I wanted to feature, to a workable outline in under 45 minutes. Forgive the video and audio quality. I was trying out a new recording set up that didn’t work out as planned. Cleaned it up as best as I could.

In the video, I also briefly pull up my Woolmancy breakdown which literally describes what information has to go on each page in order to tell the story.

Enjoy it here! 

Post Statement - I finished the story. It ended up being 11 pages, 104 paragraphs so... the actual page/sentence/paragraph limitation doesn't seem translate into anything meaningful in prose. However, having the restriction when outlining was extremely important in order to keep things tight. I'll be using this method for all of my future projects for sure!