Pressed pennies
These are some of the flat pennies I have collected over the years.  I'm working on filling up my 3rd book.  I love them because they are an interesting little souvenir and they don't take up much space.
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Postcard collector
$5 or more per month
  • We will send you postcards 2-4 per month from places we visit, with a personal message from the kids.
  • One FFRT sticker
  • Access to patron-only content
  • Patron-only polls
  • videos of places we visit
pressed penny souvenir
$10 or more per month
  • If you've followed our travels, you have seen that we collect  pressed pennies from places we visit.  We will send you one every time we find a machine that squashes them.
  • Plus all previous rewards
pressed penny collector
$20 or more per month
  • personal thank you from our family in our videos
  • We will send you a pressed penny collection book (1), just like the ones we have, to keep your collection in.  (each book holds about 36 pennies, we'll send another when it gets full)
  • Plus all previous rewards
National Park Ranger
$50 or more per month
  • James has a National Park Passport book.  We will send you your own passport book and at every national park we will put a stamp on a sticker for you to stick in your book.
  • Plus all previous rewards
Loyal roadschooler
$100 or more per month
  • Personalized song/video message
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Roadschool University
$200 or more per month
  • Really??? You are willing to give that much???  You are an amazing person and we are incredibly grateful
  • monthly video chat (up to 1 hour)
  • Plus all previous rewards
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