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The Pretender

please don't share until tomorrow when it officially drops.  

Very very very glad with how this turned out.  Yes, it is less metal than we typically do, but who fucking cares; it shreds.  

Thank you to all of you who literally made this video and recording possible.  Can't wait to officially release this.  

Next up is album IV recording finalization.   We're about 33% done with recording and shit is sounding massive, proggy, shreddy, epic, and amazing.  

I feel like it has a lot more of the "epic" feel that was present on Fires of Life, but more matured with some of our newer influences.  Albums 2 and 3 had very little Amon Amarth or Dimmu Borgir, and that was on purpose.  There's more of that this time around, only also with more Dream Theater, Epica, and a lotttt of Wintersun into album 4.  It's almost like if the Fires of Life vibe was captured only with the current lineup of the band.  And the fact that we have three distinct vocalists on the album makes it really diverse and spacious too.

Anyway, thank you all for helping us keep doing our thang.

- Parker