Pretty Nude Rosie (JUL)
Seems like someone convinced Rosie to get naked, but now she's having a bunch of second thoughts.

First time I draw something from scratch for the bonus pic!  There's a couple of other things I could have posted, but I'll admit I have a hard time finding a balance with things that are worth it, but not too much that it's feels like I'm robbing pics from non-Patrons.  In this case, this might be the most nude I've ever drawn Rosie and shown to the public.  Or at least more public once it's available to everyone next month.  This may not be all that great to people not reading Shark Quest though.

I'm also not a huge fan that I feel like the only worth I can find it lewding my kind not-lewd characters though.  Though Shark Quest characters were more meant to be lewded in the first place anyway.  Anyway, lol.

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