A clock that hung on the wall in this dimly lit section of the 34th Precinct struck midnight. The smell of slightly burnt coffee and smoldering cigarettes filled the air as a lone detective sat at his cluttered desk, intently staring at a pile of crime scene photographs and case files. His face finally hit the yellowed, artificial lighting as he pulled his face up from his work to light another cigarette. A poorly groomed mop of light brown hair sat on top of a mug that was marked by dark bags under green eyes, a way past 5 o’clock shadow and what many thought to be a permanent frown. After lighting the cigarette, he took a quick puff and shifted through the files once more, crime scene photos of several women with their throats brutally ripped out, but with no blood spatter or any blood at all. His hand reached to his temple and began to massage his temple, the toll of these bizarre cases taking its toll on him. “Hey Roger, we got another one.” Roger’s partner, Detective Johnny Ganucchi, bellowed as he came into the room with patrol car keys and coffee in his hand. “Two this time, over on 42nd Street. Male and female, female fits the same MO as the others, but the male… I can’t even begin to explain it. You just gotta see it with yo’ own eyes.” “I’m coming, I’m coming. Let me just call Kathy and let her know I’m going to be late home. She’s probably sleeping by now, but I told her I was only going to work four hours overtime tonight..” Responded Roger, putting out his cigarette on the ashtray on his desk and grabbing his coat.
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