Preview art of our upcoming Reign campaign, Nagalisitu, run by Caleb!

Caleb has been running a playtest campaign based on the book he is writing for Reign. We commissioned artwork from Patsy McDowell as episode art for it because we both loved the campaign so much! The first episodes go up January! This is concept art Patsy sent us to establish the look of the PCs and some of the major antagonists. 

From left to right: Castor (Ross), Dwenar (Aaron), Langdon (Jason B), Klingzor (Shaun), and Four Hands (David). 

What's the campaign about? It was part of the Reign Second Edition Kickstarter. Here's the synopsis: 

In a time before recorded history, the immortal masters of  Nagalisitu blighted the world to fuel the dark ritual that transported  their malignant kingdom of decadent sorcery into another realm. Locked  away in a dimension of their own twisted design, the primordial wizards  became gods outside of space and time, isolating themselves to study the  profane, arcane mysteries free from the interference of the humanity  they had left behind. It took centuries for the world to recover from  the unnatural excision of the Nagalisitu lands, but their influence has  haunted every civilization since. Every few decades, entire villages  went missing in the night, gone without trace save burned buildings and  slain elders. These unfortunates are the "Reaved," abducted by the  Nagalisitu to serve as slaves in their hellish kingdom. The  disappearances have always been seen as unpreventable tragedy: the  inexorable fallout of the sordid council’s ascension, echoing forever  through the ages. Until now.

The Nagalisitu have been felled by  their own chattel. After generations of abuse and slavery, the  descendants of the Reaved have revolted and slain their dark captors.  However, the freed remain magically trapped in the Naglisitu realm  despite their victory, unable to escape to our world and bereft of  shared language, religion, and culture after centuries of oppression.  The kingdom needs to import scientists, philosophers, generals, and  merchants to build a new people before their shared trauma reduces the  survivors to anarchy. Heroes from the outside world must bring aid, but  culture is not easily stilled long enough to be engineered, especially  amongst the weird distortions of the Naglisitu's corrupted time. The  order in which assistance comes will shape the emerging people in  drastic and unpredictable ways. Can the heroes grow a great civilization  from the ashes of evil, or will their interference send its people  collapsing into a new tyranny?