Preview: Cover for Bestiary Issue 2!
Only two days left to subscribe for your copy of Bestiary issue 2!!! If you like exasperated Faeries, girls in hats, poems reflecting on the nature of beauty and pancakes, or you just like me and my art, THERES STILL TIME TO SIGN UP at!!! The art and poetry in this issue will not be available to see anywhere else, and I'm so excited about the pictures and words in this issue its crazy!!

Finally finishing the cover for this issue today!!! This month's issue will be a few pages larger than last month's, and will be shipped much sooner to the start of the month. It's so exciting to see how much easier creating this issue was!! Learning and growing!

Happy Tuesday! It's rainy and slow here. Coffee and painting and listening to the ever-weird-&-great Drabblecast. How are you?


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