Preview cover of my next EPIC project!
This is probably a teaser cover for my newest project coming up. It will be a complete reinvention of history. What if Earth stood as a super-continent, what if plate tectonics was delayed millions of years, and some of the greatest empires that never got to face each other in actual history did get to meet? Also what would be the outcome if natives such as the Australian Aboriginals, Mayan Indians, Aztecs, Inca's, and the Tainos(Natives of Puerto Rico) were to meet the greatest European nations of Antiquity? 

To add to the flavor the story will be told in the point of views of some of the greatest empires from the copper age to the Renaissance.

Some, but not all the empires inculde:

The Dabel Family: Egypt

The Medina Family: Western Roman Empire/Imperial Empire

The Rivas Family: The Greek Cities/Imperial Empire

The Emmericks: Germania 

The Munday's: West Britannia(Britain/Wales)

The Moore Family: East Britannia(Britain)

The Hana Family: The Assyrians 

The Bonilla Family: The Etruscan's

The Flemings: West Gaelic(Ireland)

The Sanchez Family: North Iberians(North Spain)

 The Lesus(Jesus) Family: South Iberians(South Spain)

The Jan Family: The Illyrians(Ancient Croatia) 

Also Mesopotamia, The Hittites, Syria, Macedon, and many more