Preview images for “The Other”
Hello! I’m on the road with two of my assistants, a uhaul, an SUV, 12 crates, and a whole lot of stress falling away as we drive the show from Montana to New York....

I’m in the passenger seat trying to rest but I wanted to send a quick series of posts showing everyone here the new work! I’ll post a piece each day....

Patreon does not provide a way to post multiple images or a photo album, so please excuse the many posts as I share the details.... here is the first:

Title: Through an empty place
Date: 2017
Material: Stoneware, paint, wood
Dimensions: Installed with steel plate and step: 67 in. length, 47 in. height, 12 in. depth Fox Figure: 22 in. length, 33 in. height, 12 in. depth