Preview Of the Next Patreon Exclusive

Hey guys. I'm taking a backup of my site tomorrow & that wll take two days. I've decided to switch from my current host as the downtimes are just too much & I can't let down my fans. I'm planning to try & get the site back up by Friday with a new host & no further problems. So bad news is there will be no new page this week.

However due to a lot of fan requests on the FB page I've decided to do one more NSFW Patreon Exclusive art.  Fyre is probably the most loved character in the series & I was planning this art for christmas, but with the current animation project I'm tied up with couldn't post it at that time. Tried a very different style with this one. I'll be posting the full uncensored pic tomorrow but here's preview of what to expect. Feel free to share it.

$2 patrons will get access to both hi rez versions of the image where as $5 patrons will get access to images as well as the PSD file so they understand the technique.

Hope you enjoy it.