Preview of September Posts
Hello! Just a quick update, I just started a new project to hack the Tecmo Ninja Gaiden ROMS (arcade version) to add free play. I am recording and explaining this work as I go along, I will start posting these in September so it should be fun. It's very much like my "hacking ROM series" but this will be a little more complex as its a 32bit motorola 68000 CPU, I also plan on using IDA Pro and explaining how to use that in the process. 

I hope to also put out at least one repair video if not more in September time permitting.

More importantly!!!

I know the famous "neviksti" , the gentleman that was the first to dump the Nintendo Game Boy BIOS via decapping , (

 I am trying to convince him to let me interview him and talk about that project and other cool stories that he has. I think he would have some great stories and experiences people would be very interested in, so hopefully that will happen in the upcoming months. We'll see...