Preview on designing your own health culture
Do you care about your health? Or do you prefer to leave your health to the specialist? Let me wake you up, because you are the specialist on you, al least you should be. 

Knowledge and skills on survival, and flourishing as a human being and a  community is publicly owned, or should be. As a community developing it also is a community task. That is what science is all about. Science is not about labwork and complex financing. That 19th century view is a bit outdated in respect to everything we've learned this last centuries. Leave it to commerce and it will be taken away from you. 

This short video introduces the longer 30 minutes patreon daoland video
51 (pdv) on elements of importance in healthcare design. They are first steps. It is in invitation to participate and play with us and your ideas. 

Kind regards

You Li-Ou