PREVIEW - One Author's Advice - Issue #1
Going through the process of becoming a self-published author has been, to say the least, enlightening. Most significantly, I learned just how ignorant I was to the industry. Like many new authors, I did what little research I thought necessary and then stumbled blindly through each step, often times being forced to go back to the beginning and start again. The purpose of this monthly e-zine is help other aspiring authors hone their craft, get published, and, more importantly, be read. 

In One Author's Advice, I will share the hurdles and pitfalls of self-publication along with suggestions on how to overcome them. I will offer my personal insight and techniques on the craft of writing fiction. I will cover crucial topics such as characterization, plot development, editing, publishing, advertising and building a social media footprint. In essence, I will be sharing all the lessons-learned that I wish someone had shared with me before I began my writing career. 

Of course, everything I write in this e-zine, or at least the majority of it, comes from my own personal experiences and opinions. So, read and heed at your own risk. 

Best wishes on your endeavors; I hope to be reading your work soon! 


Characterization – How to Create Rich and Believable Characters 

Some books are plot-driven, some are character-driven, fewer are both. As with life in general, I believe the best approach in any endeavor is to strike a good balance. Though it might not seem the case to you, I find developing an intriguing plot far easier than developing rich characters that leave the reader feeling a personal interest and connection. For that reason, I am devoting this first issue of One Author's Advice to characterization. In this issue, I will share with you the techniques I use to develop memorable and compelling characters. 

WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) is a question Christians often ask themselves. WWTCD (What Would This Character Do) is a question authors should be asking themselves with every new line. The greatest hypocrisy an author can commit is to have a character act or speak outside of their defined persona. When a character says or does something that doesn't sync with their personality or behavior as it has been presented thus far, I often lose interest and stop reading. I suspect others are likely to do the same.

In order to create and maintain believable and relatable characters, you must vest yourself in them fully. You have to build a deep and real relationship with them. You need to know them inside and out, understand their hopes and dreams, know their fears and shortfalls, recognize their voices, be able to see their faces, and make them as real in your mind as your best friend, spouse or loved one. 

To create such a connection, here are some of the techniques that I use... 

Continued in the the full edition of One Author's Advice – Issue #1... 

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