PREVIEW - One Writer's Life - Issue #1

Hi, I'm David Maxwell and I'm so glad to meet you. Whether your are a reader, an aspiring author, or a supporting patron on my Patreon site, I am delighted that you're taking time to read my initial installment of One Writer's Life. I hope we build a long-lasting and rewarding relationship. 

Through this monthly e-zine, I'd like to create a tether between us, me, the author, and you, my faithful readers, loyal fans, and aspiring fellow authors. In each edition, I will be sharing personal information about my life experiences, history, aspirations, triumphs and tragedies. Due to the nature of this content, I will be limiting the availability of this e-zine to only Gold tier patrons and above. In respecting that limitation, I would ask that you not share any content of this e-zine through any other channels. 

In this first issue, I will begin with the beginning – my childhood. Please feel free to comment should I hit on a heart-string or should you find we have something in common.


I was born, in 1968, in Gary, Indiana. In my youth, Gary was the murder capital of the world, the home of Michael Jackson, and a national hub for steel production. The youngest of three, I grew up with two older sisters, one nine years my senior and the other sixteen. My father was a steelworker, a preacher, and a tinkerer. My mother was a stay-at-home housewife, a devout Christian, and the most loving person anyone could ever hope to meet. 

Though my family did not live in poverty, we were not far from it... 

Continued in the the full edition of One Writer's Life – Issue #1... 

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