(Preview) Shadows Beneath Us - Chapter 1
Hello! I'm getting extremely excited about sharing chapter 1 with all of you. I decided I couldn't wait and wanted to share a taste of what's to come.

So, without further delay, here is a sample of the first chapter of my novel in progress.


Shadows Beneath Us

Chapter 1

Levi sat in darkness listening to some grunge band out of Seattle. The room was small, in the dark all rooms are, and the air was stale. It was boring sitting in that dark little room for 13 days. That's how long it took him to prepare for shadow entry. He was jealous of the other divers who were dive ready in eight or even five days. There was always the possibility of just taking a couple hits of the family product, that knocks the required sleep down a level for most divers. But Levi did not like the idea of using the very product his family deals to the masses. He was not a junkie.

It had been difficult fighting off sleep over the last couple days, and his over stuffed recliner did not help. Next time around he'd make sure he had just a crappy wooden chair. In this monstrous cushion he had to keep readjusting his position and cranking his headphones in order to keep from passing out and undoing all of the preparation so far.

Yesterday Levi had his porter bring him a thumb tack. he kept it in his hand and slightly squeezed it to stimulate his nerves each time his eye lids dipped, tempting him with sweet sleep. He didn't notice his CD player had stopped again and his head drooped down jolting him awake. He'd squeezed the tack in the shock of his falling head and could feel the damp trickle of blood trickle out of his clenched fist. He blindly threw the tack across the room and pressed the wound with his other thumb to stop the bleeding. Only a little longer, he thought. He risked a bit of light from his watch to check the time. Only a few more minutes until go time.

He settled down in the recliner once more, still holding his tack wound. It was then he felt a slight itch inside his right leg. Fear froze his body as sweat beaded from every pore. This was bad. This was really bad. He'd heard of other divers who were found by things from the other side and were torn to shreds. He knew he should not have risked the light from his watch so late in the process. It always came down to not being careful. Last month a diver named Jerry forgot to put black tape over the LED display on his walkman. The slight shadow cast from this tiny device turned his shadow into a beacon for those hungry beasts on the other side. No one heard it happen. His porter didn't notice until the next day when the food he'd slid into the darkroom the night before still sat untouched at breakfast. Guards arrived and opened it to find a torn off arm laying to the right of the door and part of his torso in the recliner. Everything was sprayed with blood.

The beasts were long gone. They come through, grab what they can, and pull it back through their own shadows to feed their broods on the other side.

Levi began to sweat. He focused his mind to the itch on his leg while he turned his head to scan the room for any light source. He saw none. He took off his head phones and ran his fingers over the electrical tape on his walkman, his other hand seemed to have stopped bleeding.

There was a knock at the door. "Levi. You ready?" Ron, his porter. "It's time to dive."


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