Preview – Vampire Fiction
I am currently working on a new project for mobile app game developer, FableLabs, a story I am calling Vampire Fiction. Their app, Tales, is available on the Apple App Store and by downloading the app, you can play any of their dozens of interactive stories in their library. They will be releasing an Android App in the future. 

Most of their stories so far are graphic-novel style in which players see images of the scene and character avatars while making choices that direct the story. My first story will be one of their first prose stories, which plays much like my other games like Zombie Exodus with some exciting additions.

  • Stories are treated as Seasons broken into Episodes, much like TV shows. Vampire Fiction will be released with Episodes 1-3, and then a new Episode will be published each month.
  • FableLabs works on a freemium model. Their stories are entirely free. Players are given the option to purchase premium content, which adds to the story but is not necessary to complete the story. Premium content is similar to purchasing extra skill points in Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven.
  • I will be in control of all content, including uploading new episodes, bug fixes, and additions. No more waiting weeks for fixes or months or even years for new chapters or parts.
  • Each Episode is roughly 12,000-15,000 words of content (not code) with 5-10 graphics. These graphics show major scenes in the story, objects you may find, or transitions between scenes.
  • This will be a more mature game, including some strong language and adult themes. Think HBO shows and R-Rated movies.

I have signed on for 15 Episodes for Vampire Fiction and will release the first 3 Episodes later this year (possibly as early as October). From then on, I expect to publish a new Episode each month.

Vampire Fiction Summary

Vampire Fiction takes inspiration from Vampire: The Masquerade, shows like True Blood and Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, and books/movies like Let the Right One In and Interview with the Vampire.

As a newly created vampire, you are born into a life of mystery. Just after rising for the first time, your Sire dies. How will you learn to survive? What are these dark powers you now possess? The city is yours to explore and when you discover others of your kind, will you embrace them as siblings or challenge their way of afterlife?

Other Game Development

My work on Vampire Fiction will not affect my work on Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. My goal with Part 2-2 is still to release it later this year. Once released, I will focus on Part 3.

Each week, I devote time to numerous projects but work has not slowed down on any single project. Since my workload has increased, I am working more hours and delegating some activities to other writers or volunteers. While I understand concerns that Zombie Exodus will fall the side, it remains a high priority (if not the highest priority).

My goal with Vampire Fiction is to gain new followers interested in my writing from other markets. I also believe my ZE readers will enjoy other stories I have in this rather dark brain of mine. I hope you will read Vampire Fiction and come along with me on this new journey.