PREVIEW || Zelda Medley (Requests) from Stream
Hello Patreon Team!!

As you saw, I had a fantastic weekend of streaming on Twitch the making of a Legend of Zelda Guitar Medley using 19 requested songs! Almost all of these requests were earned from absolutely incredible donations as well as some raffles, we covered EVERY Zelda Console game and 2 Portables, and raised a lot towards a new graphics card which I need to keep making videos on time, game/stream gaming, and all around run different softwares! I am absolutely honored to be hosting these and I plan to do another medley as a "Thank You" (Likely Super Mario) as things get moving!

This is the final audio mixed from last night's stream, and the video should be up by Wednesday as my usual weekly timing assuming my backup graphics card (an old inexpensive ATI card) doesn't explode. Unbelievable thanks to you all for your support in this trying time, I look forward to more Video Game Guitar streams as well as my other tunes, and I hope you enjoy this video you helped construct.

MP3 is downloadable in the shared Google Drive folder!
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