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Previews of Upcoming Stock Art: 17-2 COLOR
So... Stock Art Pack 17-2 is complete!
The half-elven dragon mage gave me some trouble when it came to colors, but finally got to where I was satisfied with it.

For those of ya'll who aren't familiar with the process of this Patreon, you will be charged for this post at the end of the month and once payments clear, I'll send an email with Dropbox links to all the packs of illustrations that your pledges cover.

If you submitted an idea that was illustrated but was not covered by your pledge, I will upload that to a Dropbox folder designated specifically for you.

Just as a final reminder...
Hopefully, you've noticed how much more active this Patreon has become and I hope you like it. The number one thing I hope it communicates is that I -want- to hear from you. If there's something you like, dislike, or just think would be cool, let your voice be heard. I've added several features this month as a result of patron suggestions. I think it's awesome.

Now on to 17-3...