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So you can get a feel for my style, let me tell you about my previous cookbooks. My first cookbook was called Vegan Indulgence, all about desserts. It was a cute little book, only 20 recipes, published through an independent vegan publisher in Melbourne, Australia. 

Then I published Wrapped in Pastry, a cookbook about all things pie, tart and roll - again through the same independent vegan publisher. Both of these book are hard to get a hold of these days - one came out in 2008 and the other in 2011. They're both a bit rough and ready but have some moments of brilliance, if I do say so myself. I'll be posting some recipes from  them here for my patrons.

The picture above, of delicious vegan meatball subs, is from my third cookbook - Veganissimo! Beautiful Vegan Food - which was published in 2013 by a slightly larger independent publisher in Sydney, Australia. I wrote the cookbook as a contributor and as such don't retain copyright, so I can't publish any of the recipes here. It's all about comfort food, rich food, easy but impressive food. I love this book. If you're interested in it, it can be purchased here: 

My final published cookbook, released in 2014 through the same publishers as Veganissimo!, was Greenilicious - all about greens and health and low salt and low fat and so forth. Not really my wheel house, but I definitely learned a lot writing it and now have a love for green smoothies!! Again, I can't publish any of the recipes here, but you can buy it here:

Note:  I don't get any royalties from sales of any of the books, but people buying them keeps the books in print! Plus you get some really good recipes :)

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