Pricing changes in effect. Read for more Information
Probably something not alot of people will like, and I can completely understand that. The demand is just increasing and that won't stop in the future, so the only way for me to keep a reasonable amount of coachees leaving me with enough time for university is by increasing the price to throttle down demand.

Diamond and Master Tier now cost 20$ each, however the Grandmaster Tier only costs 10$ extra to promote a more dedicated coaching Schedule.

If you want to keep the coaching but you just don't have the money for it, then feel free to message me(Discord or [email protected]) and maybe we can work something out so that I won't have to leave you standing in the rain.

If these price adjustments seem unreasonable then please make sure to edit or cancel your current pledges. That was the whole point of this after all! However if you do want to stay as a coachee, either because the coaching is worth this extra money or previous coaching sessions have convinced you that it is a worthwhile investment, then make sure that you edit your Pledges to the next Tier.

Please try not to forget this. If you don't edit your Pledges then I would have to refund them next month, which would cost us both extra because of Payment Fees etcetera. And it is just extra stress for the both of us :P

Also the Hero Tier is no 999$, although I just put it that high so noone accidently pledges for it. Team Coaching is now handled via Email only!