Pricing guide update!

This weekend, I ran the script that will be populating pricing data to the database for the first time. I chose to do the Acclaim titles first because the list of books is smaller so that I can manually verify the data and tweak the algorithm as needed. In the attached image, you will see value data within the book credits section (this is what $1 and $3 patrons will see) as well as a breakdown by month at the bottom (what the $5 patrons will see).

 I've only verified about 10% of the data so far but it looks pretty good so if it checks out, I'll start running it for the rest of the books and begin verifying that data as well. I don't see any problems with the classic Valiant prices either as the amount of variants is small, so if I can get accurate data for current Valiant titles - there are lots of variants and therefore a higher chance for error - then you will start seeing this first patron only feature within the next two weeks.