Pricing Options
So, I've had a gander around Patreon and realized I may have made myself REALLY expensive, (like more expensive than Netflix geeze)  but you guys think that I'm worth all this money which blows my mind even more! 

Since you're kinda like my bosses, I'd thought I'd give you guys a few options about how you want to do this.

1. I just switch to 'pay monthly' and you guys enjoy the same benefits, pressure off you, pressure off me, and maybe others will join, who knows.

2. I stay as expensive as I am now, but I crank up the rewards a bit more, like, reading chapters a week in advance instead of just 24 hours, giving you all cannon characters in a future Arc,  our own discord chat channel. I'm happy to take other suggestions on board because really, I have no idea what I'm doing :/

3. Just stay as I am now, no changes and I learn to have more confidence in my own abilities and grow from the experience.

I know I keep saying it but, Thanks guys, you're amazing.

Switch to pay monthly.

Add more rewards.

Stay as you are.

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