Pride & Prejudice & Prints!

FINALLY!  Elizabeth & Darcy have came to their senses and agreed to get themselves properly printed and listed on Etsy.  It took eons of fussing with the many layered files, two proof runs, and a whole passel of messing around with fake frames for the images, but we did it! Whee!!  

Darcy's handsome yet disdainful face can be found here:   Darcy in Love & Anger

Elizabeth's beauty and sharp wit is here: Elizabeth in Anger & Love 

And the set is available here:  Darcy & Elizabeth Print Set

Or if you'd rather read the original petty snark that started this mess?  You can find that here on Patreon:  Jane Austen and the Petty Snark 

Next up: The final print versions of Depression Lies, Anxiety is a Drama Queen, AND... <drum roll> GREETING CARDS! I may also be much, MUCH closer to figuring out the best form for Qwirks in the wild... keep your fingers crossed on that one :)

Love & Qwirks,Tori Deaux 

(Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? Yes? No? Whatever it is it's not nearly enough.. THANK YOU for every last penny and share. Your support means the world.)