Primeval Progress Report
On the Primeval front; I've finally decided, after much testing and messing about, that Primeval will be built on 1.11.2, instead of 1.10.2. This is because the majority of the mods needed are currently available in 1.11.2.

So far most of the basics are done. I've had to manually make the Dinosaurs spawn as Jurrasicraft is supposed to be a tech mod that uses DNA from fossils to 'make' Dinosaurs. We don't want that, we want Dino's trying to pedigree chum our faces from the get go and that means making them natural spawns.
The Dinosaurs have completely replaced Vanilla mobs and as such I will need ways to obtain some old materials that they would drop. This shouldn't be difficult though.

The various Vanilla cattle now also drop their corresponding hides which were added by Primal. Primal only adds the items at the moment so I had to manually add the drops to their loot tables and remove Leather from cows. This ensures you instead get, for example a Cow Hide, or Pig Hide which needs to be dried on a drying rack to actually produce the Leather.

Finally, on death every Dinosaur drops its entire skeleton (in multiple items of course) which all have a DNA and Genetics Code added to their descriptions. We don't need this so next I need to remove these and manually add them back in without the NBT data. From there I think I will redo the Bone Armor (shown above) to use parts of the Skeleton in its recipes, rather than just Vanilla Bones. E.g. A Dino Skull with Leather Straps could produce the Helm etc.