Princess Art Process
Howdy patrons of awesomeness! (^∀^)
Here's my first post on the drawing process from black and white ink to color. I'm making this public as a one time only sampler of what the patrons rewards look like in addition to the hi-def wallpapers.

Image 1 to 3 is done in clipstudiopaint, while the effects are all added in photoshop.
This panel is taken from next week's comic upload (2/16/2018).
I cropped it to avoid spoiler, but the full image of this will be the March 2018 hi-def wallpapers for all patrons.
At the time I'm writing this, I got 99% of the art done for next week's chapter, but the dialog is still in draft mode. It should be all good to go by next friday (^^)b 

Thank you for reading!

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