Princess Pepper
Since Gezuriya is going to be a free-to-read comic, I'm rolling out a new concept for Patreon's exclusive comic. 

Everybody always told Pepper she was weird, but it gets a little ridiculous when her sneezes shoot fire and bad moods cause minor explosions.   A mysterious girl named Vanilla appears, calling herself a princess, with a weirdo accent to match.   Because of their opposite natures, Vanilla has been assigned as Pepper's Princess School partner.  But it turns out, vanilla needs Pepper more than the other way around. 

I have always wanted to do a All Girl Team style story since I was little and I was very enamored with stuff like Gem and the Holograms and Sailor Moon.  Since I started working on Lavender Legend, I've run into a bunch of little girls saying I should do a story all about princesses just for them.  While I definitely want to appeal to everyone,  Princess Pepper will be a cute story for younger audiences that combines elements of Super Hero, Magical Girl, Disney Princess, and Magic School to tell a story about best friends.