Print of the Month
1. Nude photos!

February's theme was "Self Love" and I needed a confidence boost. So the $5+ tier was witness this month to some nude photos of myself. Because of this project, I actually feel way more confident in my own body, no matter the changes I go through! You can view these photos uncensored in the $5+ tier, get them as hi-res wallpapers in the $10+ tier, and get them as a print (mini and full) in the $15+ tier*.

*For anyone concerned with having nude photos sent to you (family, preference, etc) please, please, PLEASE send me a message and we can pick a different photo just for you.

2. Giveaways are back on because you guys are the bomb dot com (blame Shelley for me using that all the time now...)

We're back over our goal again (what a rollercoaster) so that means giveaways are in play! You are eligible for the giveaway if you are a patron of mine at any tier level as of February 28th. Please check your messages on March 1st in case you're the winner!

The prize this month will be a full size, signed print of a Valentine card.