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Blue Tit Print Post - 

Recently I decided to produce a print, dedicated to the first large wall I ever painted which was for a Converse mural project in Manchester.

I had only been painting a few years when the shoe company Converse stumbled across my street art birds online and got in touch. They informed me that they were making an International campaign to encourage and support large murals in major cities around the world. 

Back in 2010 it was a new movement, not murals, but campaigns and projects promoting murals in more cities was becoming a new thing.  Murals have always been painted, and in places like San Francisco,  where there is a Mural alley for decades. 

This was a great opportunity for me,  to be invited on a large scale mural project with an international client and being chosen as one of the artists for the UK.

Converse selected a listed Manchester building, situated in the centre at the Northern Quarter. It was the beginning of the Street-art craze that came that has continued over the last 10 years. And it was good to paint a large Blue tit where the busy Manchester people least expected to see it,  but grew to love it being there. 

The Mural was only meant to stay on the wall for 3 months, which was the agreement with the Hatters Hostel on Newton St. The public however loved the artwork so much that it was not removed and it has stayed. It has been photographed countless times by locals and tourists.

*Mid-air conversations

*The Purple Fills 

The mural had to be completed within 2 days, I had 2 artists to help with filling in large areas for faster coverage. A film crew was flown over from Amsterdam and produced a video of the wall, which can be seen  - here - 

We worked on the wall till midnight on both nights, under the flood lights which was specially installed. The floodlights were not a permanent installation, and this the reason I am releasing a special edition print of a night shot of the wall.

( The team - Lift operators, Artists, Project Managers and Film crew ) 

Why did I choose to paint a Blue Tit? 

With growing up in the countryside, and being a regular visitor to the city.  I saw seeing how society was becoming more disconnected from nature.  People are not paying enough attention to smaller, rare species of flora and fauna… Who thinks for the blue tit? How many people a day might observe or see one… I think the future will have to allow nature into the city much more. Its happening now… slowly, But everything begins with a vision and hope, planting seeds of thought into upcoming generations…

About the Print !

There is 150 prints of the Blue Tit, all signed and numbered and each one comes with a certificate of authenticity which is also dated, numbered and signed.

The print is on a super high quality Satin Photographic paper 220gsm

The print can be purchased here  

If you are a Patreon - I will offer a 15% discount on your order, 

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I appreciate all responses to my work!  ♥♥♥

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