Print Release, November 2016 - No. 0373_22
No. #0373_22 - Louie's Barber Shop, Castro Street. San Francisco, California. September of 2015.

Some of the worst experiences of my life have been haircuts... but since moving to the neighborhood some years ago, I've grown to enjoy going to the barber shop at Castro and Market Streets. I actually debated whether I wanted to release this image at all, it's not something I'd typically print, and  I originally printed it at the request of the owner of the barber shop , but in the process decided it might be worth a second look...

Shot with a Voigtlander R3m, 21mm f/4, Ilford HP5 400 film.  Prints should ship out this week. All digital proofs printed on Canson Plantine Fiber Rag, 5x7 proofs printed on Ilford Coldtone Multigrade Fiberbase, 8x10 proofs printed on Oriental-Seagull Fiberbase.