Print Update!
As my 2017 con season really kicks off, I realize I'm not finishing the "monthly" Deemo crossover prints fast enough - at least, not for my liking - to continue calling them "monthly" prints.

So! From here on out, I will simply finish the prints as I can, between con prep. Patrons will still receive all their same rewards, and the early-access viewing period will be a consistant 2 weeks!
This way, no matter when I upload a new print, Patrons will always get two weeks early viewing before the Public. Patrons in the tiers below $15 have the option to buy a print, if they so choose.

Also! This means that during months where I have NO con prep, I'm not limited to making only one print. I can make more stuff for you guys! :'D ♥ 

Also also though; Rewards will still be mailed out every four months. And once the year is over, that's it! The final packages will be mailed out in January, and then retired for the foreseeable future :'3

Hope this all makes sense! I'm always looking to improve my system, and make bigger and better things for Patreon~
Cheers! ♥