Print Versions Will Ship on Monday
Wanted to update everyone that the physical copies of the April's offerings will be finalized tomorrow. I am just giving the Temple of Putrescence another look. 

Carl's Crossing

Sword of Callis 

and NPC Card: Harker are all set.

Printing and putting together a zine is a little less work intensive than the laminates. 

Oh, and one of my patrons brought up the issue that I didn't put enough postage on his envelope so he had to pay the rest. Let me know if this happened to you. I apologize if it did. I have the post dude weight the first few of my envelopes and then I just use the appropriate stamp at that time. I'll just make sure each one is properly weighted instead of just a couple. 

May's here and I am already working on a few possibilities. I think one of them is going to involve a yurt! Yikes! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

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