PRINT YOUR OWN: Art Print/Science March poster
As artists and women of color, the scientists behind Two Photon Art are a rare breed. Many people who are artistic believe that something in their brains makes science inaccessible. We are living proof and advocates for the beauty that emerges at the intersection of art and science.

We want to make sure everyone knows that they are capable of appreciating and doing science. With the upcoming Science Marches around the world (many on April 22), people around the world will be sending a message: that the benefits of science should extend to all, that any person regardless of skin color, wealth, disability, gender identity, etc. should be included in science and we are willing to fight against oppressive politics that suppress research and free speech of scientists. Thus, by displaying this piece of art in your home, lab, or on the streets during a protest for science, you are spreading the message that science is inclusive.

Print on 11" x 17" paper
Or if you would like a physical risograph printed art-print mailed to you, become a Tier 3 patron and send us a message!