Prints shipped !
The prints left my place for a new home all around the world :D and of course, you'll also get a bookmark ! if you have picked a design, you'll get what you asked for of course and if you didn't pick anything or asked for random, you'll most likely are going to get "Chantella in the sky" as a print and "Orleana" as a bookmark, expect for a few of you who got others designs (of recent artworks, like leona's dreamn, mei, bubble gum, flowers wave) I hope you'll like them ! ALSO announcing something important starting next month, i want to be able to send prints and bookmarks sooner so i'm stopping the custom design option. It will be easier for me to make the artwork of the month as a print and the second artwork as the bookmark. That way, everyone who will get the same artwork and it will be a brand new art instead of an older one. Same thing applies for the sakuems boxes, instead of a A6 small print of the month, you'll also get the artwork of the month but as A5 print (2 times bigger) and same thing for the bookmark design. That way, i can have them made by beespoke print on thicker satin paper, they will look even better and it's not a lot more to spend for me. Since i'll be getting stickers and buttons, it's just easier for me to get a bigger order and i won't have to cut all the prints. I'm doing this also because i need to save ink of my printer to make all the mini artbooks and mini sketchbooks for the sakuems boxes (8 mini artbook + 3 sketchbooks) so i can't do prints and those books together. I hope it's ok for you !! thank you for the support :D