Prints Shipped!
October pledge prints have been shipped!! They are expected to arrive by Saturday 11/26 unless you are not in the USA in which case your prints will be bundled and sent with next months. For those in the USA if they do not arrive by 12/1 please shoot me a message.

A couple things:

The tube size isn't ideal, they're kind of small and long so please be careful getting the items out. I'm sorry if this causes any trouble and ordering more suitable ones online for next time!

The prints sent are 11x17 which was a free upgrade for my first month on Patreon. Next month they will be 8.5x11 but I'm thinking of adding another tier for large prints because I think they're really cool! If you're interested let me know.

Future mailed rewards will likely continue to be sent out towards the end of each month but I'll be sure to let you all know when things have shipped each month.

I hope you guys like them, please send me photos if you end up putting them up or anything I'd love to see!