Priorities! (A Custom Qwirk)
Some of you may remember this experiment as a work in progress... and it's finally done! I think I threw everything and the kitchen sink at it -- watercolor, 3 different brands of ink pens, pastel pencils, colored pencils and some opaque white, just for good measure.   I love working in watercolors, but the transparent layers I work with are so difficult to photograph!  The colors are just never right, with some bits too bright, and other bits too muddy.

Overall I'm pleased with how the actual painting turned out, and I'm looking forward to improving the process of working the Qwirks into more traditional art mediums.  

As for the subject?  I'll be delivering this to Mom  tomorrow,  after I trip over the 3 piles of books, duck under the lemon tree and pet all the pets who will be blocking my way into the house.  Mom's seen the sketch, but not the finished work -- I'll let you know what she thinks!

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