Prism is the season 1 finale of Nefarious! It will be the final issue in Volume 1 when it goes to print.

That being said, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you- the patrons- for a very specific reason. The original Nefarious comic Kickstarter had one goal, to fund the creation of four comics. Without the success of the Patreon, the comics would have ended at issue 4. 

Starting with Prism, and Lineage of Tyranny, we are now entering an era where the comics are fully funded by patrons like you. You and your fellow patrons are the reason Nefarious continues on.

Me and the entire Nefarious community owe you a debt of gratitude for keeping this insane purple armored villain running amok!

P.S. Schedule resumes as normal next week. Prism will go to the Monday early access slot, and Lineage of Tyranny will start on the patreon exclusive Thursday slot.