Private Account Giveaway
This is my give away for all donator. You will got private account for any various website. All account legit that mean not hacked or cracked account. This list website :
  • Lynda *
  • Skillshare *
  • Heroku Verified **
  • waiting input from you...

( Min. * Bronze Patrons | ** Silver Patrons )

Details :

  • Each premium patrons, only can choose 2 accounts depend their level.
  • This membership is trial, so don't expect more from this.
  • You can change the password or email.
  • I will send you new account every month if you keep support me.
  • If you have any idea, let me know.
  • Any question or request, please skype me.

Note :

Please make sure, list account above is option. I only give depending your level. Expl. if you are bronze patron, you only got 2 account that mean lynda 2x or Lynda + Skillshare and please PM or skype me.