Pro-Sim Evolution Simulator Review
While I was at the Autosport Show 2016, I caught up with my driving coach, Adrian Quaife-Hobbs of Pro-Sim. Each month, I visit Pro-Sim to learn my next track and develop my skills.

Pro-Sim have created a simulator just like the one at their HQ but designed to fit in a racing driver's home or a team's facilities. It comes in three different forms – F1, GT and EvolutionII. The EvolutionII has an adaptable driving position that can mimic either a single-seater position or a GT / Saloon car driving position.

The Pro-Sim software is a heavily customised version of RFactor with added laser scanned tracks and Pro-Sim's own models for the cars. The Evolution range can also send data back to Pro-Sim for analysis.

In this clip, I drive the model they've developed for Volkswagen Racing Cup drivers, based on my input last year.