Probably going to close LifeOnLinux
So I had an idea for a cool site, people liked the idea of it, but as it turns out I really don't have the time for it.

In the spirit of community, if anyone seriously wants that domain name I will transfer it. I would advise against continuing with it as it is, since the code really is too GOL-specific too much needs fixing up for another site. So if anyone takes it - start fresh. Otherwise I will hang on to it for future purposes.

Honestly, running more than one site by yourself is a pretty tall task, especially when GOL is as busy as it is. I've lost focus, tried to take on too much and honestly it's been getting me down the past few days.

Some ideas work, some don't, the point is to try and if you fail - learn from it. At least now I don't have to constantly think "what if I did this site".

Pretty sure I won't lose any funding for this (you're all here for GOL right?), since I will be focusing on GOL instead of splitting myself in half.