Probably Not Angels

 Their behaviors make angelic claims dubious ...

- Sariel, This panicky naive lass woke up with amnesia in a fresh crater in someone's back yard; it hurt.
- Malanai, This "guardian mother" acts as an uninvited live-in caretaker and intrudes in personal affairs; at least she cleans the dishes.

- Solaria, Boy howdy, does she love punishing the wicked.  (definitions may vary)
- Chassan, Nobody buys her claim of "match maker angel"; she also has several outstanding warrants.

- Zehapuryu, She's an ultra charismatic transfer student from somewhere, also apparently few people notice her wings.
- Remliel, At least her lifeguard certificate is authentic...

If you're interested, please SEND A NOTE, thanks!



- these are bust previews, yay
- the transaction is clean hands, no fuss no muss, feel free to ask if you have further questions
- There are two pricing options ...
   - $25 lands you the adoptable as is (full rights to character and etc)
        - the preview drawing will be colored after purchase
        - I'll be willing to give advice on how to mesh this with your other characters, but only after you do some legwork on implementing them into your cast
   - $60 lands you the adoptable and you also get a full body drawing of the character
        - again, the bust preview will be colored after purchase, as well as full rights and such
        (note, this will be placed on the following schedule --> )
- IF, by chance, someone else adopts the adoptable you wanted while this set is still open (or recently sold out), you can get a SIMILAR one for +$5 price
    - to clarify further, the new character will be a new character, but with enough changes to be a new character (i.e. Ryu and Ken are similar)
    - to further clarify, that would mean $25 for the bust only and $55 for bust and full body drawing
        - do note this is a courtesy offer as sets sometimes sell out on day 1, please be respectful
    - One other footnote: if you want a character "but with some changes" I would count that as a similar dopt
- ALSO, Patrons have first dibs during the first day (that is, until I wake up the day after posting)
    - everyone else can place second dibs VIA NOTE, and will be rewarded the character if no patrons claim them
    - Please don't passive aggressively say "I SURE HOPE NOBODY ADOPTS THIS CHARACTER" in the comment section
        - I consider that badgering patrons and it will result in warnings (and permabans if you're a whiner about it)