Procedural Markets and a Trailer
Hi guys!

Thank you for the support on the last post! I've got time for one more process update before I go dark so here's what I've been working on in the last week.

As mentioned previously I had a significant rework ahead of me to implement the new ambient civilians. That's now complete and I've offloaded not only the new civilians but the enemy static elements too. All the static elements like roadblocks, bunkers and the new emplacements are handled together as AO possibilities to replace the defined AO types that used to govern how the area was laid out.

Previously there were four types of enemy AO: the regular one with no additions, a barrier with guard posts and patrols along a wall, a series of campsites (though the BIS function that I used for their positions seems to have broken recently and they would all appear dead centre) and a force questioning and escorting civilians. 

I've changed that system completely so that all the individual elements are chosen in random combinations, which should make the AO even more varied and unique for different playthroughs. Currently between 2 and 4 AO elements will be chosen (though I may change those numbers as I get feedback from you guys) from a pool of roadblocks, bunkers, emplacements, the barrier wall, camps, civilian houses and the new market.

I'm pretty pleased with how the procedural market has turned out; working on these kind of dynamic elements is probably what I enjoy most about this project, it's really satisfying to put together code that can make visually pleasing random creations that are also fairly logical. The markets will spawn on roads usually in urban areas and as well as being a destination for travel for both civilians and enemy patrols, they will have a general bustle of civilians moving around. As markets are known locations they will always be marked on your map from the beginning.

It would also be cool if locations like the markets or emplacements could be task positions as well so I'll look at adding that possibility. For example, clearing a busy market to destroy a weapons cache would be a nice thematic situation.

I also addressed waypointing for civilians (and by proxy improved the enemy patrols) so that they will move around the AO in a logical fashion between locations, though currently civilians only have houses and markets to travel to.

There's a roughly working development build that I'll put on the workshop in the next few days so you can try the new update while I'm away. I'm not sure if the planned civilian hostility will make it into that but if I can squeeze it in I will. I'll post one more quick update with a link to that before I go. 

One last thing: the old DRO trailer was starting to look a little long in the tooth lately so off and on I've been working on a new one that I've just added as a replacement on all the DRO workshop items. You can check it out here:

Thanks as always!