Process GIF - Chapter 4, Part 2 Cover!

Cover update is going up on the WEBSITE this Friday. So here's a little process gif of how it transformed to a vague idea of "reflection of Sindri in the part one chapter" to a fully realized idea. With Oberon being noble and beautiful, of course.

I sooooo don't feel ready. Line work and flats are so time consuming, but I'm hoping this lights a fire under me and pushes me to slog through! Updates will be every other week or twice a month on the main site. For now.

New Year also means a change with new tiers and goals!
The major changes are that the $5 tier has an opt-in for a personal monthly postcard as well as seeing these super cool Process GIFs.
Plus a BRAND NEW $10 Spoilers Tier. O.O
Goals were cut down to things I think I can reasonably handle: a monthly wallpaper (we are SOOO close!), more comic updates, and (if dreams ever come true) a mini comic.

This hiatus has probably been the most difficult for me, with no set return date and depression lurking over my shoulder. I can honestly say, without my loyal Patrons this comic would have fallen into a pushed aside folder and not come back. So thank you and I can't wait to get back to updating!