The Process of Art-Making
I experience the process of art-making to be one of "listening" to the artwork. I believe that when a decision is correct, the piece will tell me so. This is an intuitive process, and involves an inner "knowing" about the work. If it doesn't feel right then it isn't right, and I must wait and ponder until the solution presents itself. I often create sketches to help me "feel out" if a solution is appropriate or not. Part of creating each piece involves “down time”. During this time, I allow the possibilities to expand within my mind. I don't force the creation of my work. Rather, I am patient, waiting until the piece speaks to me. If I don't know what the next move is on a piece, then I simply wait. I think about it while I am resting. I pray about it. I talk to God and ask questions of Him about what the work is supposed to do. This quiet-time helps the work to speak to me. When the answer comes, I know it, and I move forward with confidence.